Embark on a musical journey with NTRLY, where creativity knows no bounds, and innovation takes center stage. NTRLY, an acronym for “Not Really,” represents the brainchild of the acclaimed Italian artist Martin Basile.

Midnight Espresso: A Collective Tapestry

As the moon casts its soft glow, Midnight Espresso, a collective of four visionary beatmakers including NTRLY, Loris Mils, t r u m a n, and Chewbe, emerges. Together, they redefine the boundaries of lo-fi hip hop, infusing it with distinct styles and innovative approaches.

NTRLY’s Evolution: A Musical Odyssey

Martin Basile, known in Italy for his rap persona, delved into production, birthing NTRLY in 2007. The inception of it marked a transformative period, with releases like “Moon Phases Vol. 1: New Moon,” a captivating blend of soulful melodies and laid-back beats. He continued to mesmerize with projects such as “What if You Find Love (in Outer Space)?” and “STARGAZE,” both collaborative endeavors with the talented Loris Mils. Solo releases like “Solitunes” and singles including “Sadness + Public Transport” and “Self-Isolation” showcased Basile’s versatility.

Loris Mils: A Creative Synergy

Loris Mils, a key collaborator in Midnight Espresso, adds his unique flair to the collective’s sound. The duo’s projects, notably “What if You Find Love (in Outer Space)?,” display their creative synergy, creating a cosmic soundtrack for extraordinary settings.

Exploring Midnight Espresso’s Creative Process

In the series “Random Samples,” the Midnight Espresso team takes listeners on a captivating ride through their creative process. Constrained by a two-hour time limit, they craft beats from unlikely sources, showcasing the magic that occurs during production.

hjarta and Pueblo Vista Collaborations

NTRLY expands his sonic horizons through collaborations with hjarta and Pueblo Vista. The single “Wind” and the upcoming “Hail” exemplify NTRLY’s ability to weave diverse influences into his musical tapestry. Pueblo Vista, a prominent label in the lo-fi hip hop world, has been a significant collaborator, amplifying their reach.

Midnight Espresso: Where Collaboration Transcends

Midnight Espresso, beyond being a collective, is a testament to the power of collaboration. NTRLY, Loris Mils, t r u m a n, and Chewbe create an ethereal symphony, pushing the boundaries of lo-fi hip hop. Their commitment to innovation propels them to the forefront of the genre.

“Random Samples”: A Beatmaking Odyssey

“Random Samples” is a beatmaking format where Midnight Espresso producers blindfoldedly select two records to sample. This format showcases their ability to craft beats from unexpected sources, pushing the boundaries of conventional production.

NTRLY’s Discography: A Sonic Chronicle

Explore NTRLY’s sonic journey through a discography that spans collaborations, solo projects, and innovative singles. From “Moon Phases Vol. 1: New Moon” to the latest release, “The Magic Flute,” NTRLY’s discography is a testament to creative evolution.

  • 2017 – Midnight Espresso – Moon Phases Vol​.​1: New Moon
  • 2017 – NTRLY & Loris Mils – What if You Find Love (in Outer Space​)​?
  • 2018 – NTRLY – Solitunes
  • 2019 – NTRLY & Loris Mils – STARGAZE
  • 2019 – NTRLY – Sadness + Public Transport (Single)
  • 2020 – Midnight Espresso – Moon Phases Vol. 2: First Quarter
  • 2020 – NTRLY & hjarta – Wind (single)
  • 2020 – NTRLY – Self-Isolation (single)
  • 2020 – NTRLY – im_Sorry (single)
  • 2020 – NTRLY – Does Anything in Life Give You Pleasure Lately? (single)
  • 2021 – NTRLY & hjarta – Rain (single)
  • 2021 – NTRLY & hjarta – Clouds (single)
  • 2021 – NTRLY & hjarta – Sun (single)
  • 2023 – NTRLY & Loris Mils – The Magic Flute
  • 2023 – NTRLY & hjarta – Hail (single)

Dive into NTRLY’s sonic universe—where beats are born from unconventional samples, collaboration knows no bounds, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. With each release, NTRLY and Midnight Espresso continue to captivate listeners, inviting them into a realm where the groove is eternal, and the possibilities are infinite.