Welcome to the sonic world of Pretty Weird Photos, a musical project that explores the depths of darkness and nostalgia through evocative and suggestive compositions.

Who We Are

Pretty Weird Photos stems from the meeting of passion for soundscapes and the desire to explore uncharted musical territories. Guided by curiosity and creativity, we delve into liminal sonic landscapes, blending elements of dark ambient and trip hop to create unique and engaging experiences.

Founded by Martin Basile, known for his career as a singer-songwriter in Italian, as well as for his instrumental projects NTRLY and Interior Soundscapes.

Our Music

The music of Pretty Weird Photos stands out for the dense and unsettling atmospheres it evokes. Through the use of ethereal sounds, evocative sampling, and melancholic harmonies, we immerse ourselves in sonic worlds that defy conventions and invite the listener to explore the boundaries of their imagination.

Our Tracks

Each track by Pretty Weird Photos is a story to be experienced through the ears. From dancing with specters in an abandoned graveyard to escaping a city haunted by ghosts, each composition takes the listener on an emotional journey through dark and fascinating worlds.

Unique Experiences

The music of Pretty Weird Photos is not just for listening, but a multisensory experience. Through immersive live performances and visual collaborations, we aim to transport the audience to parallel worlds where time stands still and reality fades away.

Explore Our Musical Universe

Step into the world of Pretty Weird Photos and let yourself be carried away by our dark and enveloping melodies. Discover our tracks, watch our live performances, and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind sonic journey.

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Join us on our journey through uncharted sonic realms. Pretty Weird Photos awaits you.

For contacts: martinbasilebottegal@gmail.com / tz0185@hotmail.it